PAN celebrates the wonders of Nature

and joyfully treasures the Earth and its Life


When you behold sunbeams shining through billowy storm clouds, do you feel a sense of wonder? The crystal clean air, the rain washed plants, the glistening ground...what a beautiful planet! What a miracle for us to be here!

The Pantheist Association for Nature (PAN) celebrates the wonders of Nature, and joyfully treasures the Earth and its Life.   We believe the world is sacred.  We see divinity in the trees, in the mountains, and in the clouds.  We feel it in the wind.  We smell it in the flowers.  We hear it in bird song and in the laughter of children. 

As a religious conservation organization, PAN would like to share with you the joys of Pantheism and the values of caring for the Earth.

The busy modern world can leave you cold. Warm yourself by the blazing hearth of Pantheism.  Its cozy flames will brighten your spiritual life and all of your doings with family and friends, at work and at play, in good times and bad.

Many religions, including Christianity, Judaism, and Buddhism, contain strands of Pantheism. Whatever your current beliefs or disbeliefs, Pantheism can expand your faith in something infinitely larger than yourself, and add immeasurably to your enjoyment of life.

To learn more about Pantheism, explore the following PAN Pages:

What Is Pantheism? (defining Pantheism)

Articles (presenting facets of Pantheism)

Activism (melding religion and conservation)

Lodestars (featuring individuals inspiring to Pantheism)

Books (recommending titles of interest)

Quotes (sampling Pantheistic viewpoints)

Holidays (highlighting special days in the calendar year)

Links (displaying kindred web sites)

PAN cheers individuals and groups extolling a sacred view of Nature, and applauds many environmental organizations singing out for the planet. PAN adds to the chorus.

We strive to keep PAN pages clear and succinct, mindful of your valuable time. As a work in progress, new pages appear often.

Like our homepage Tiger Swallowtail finding nectar on the flowers, we hope you find something of value on our website.

With warm regards,

Gary Suttle

Pantheist Association For Nature

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The Pantheist Association for Nature (PAN) is a religious conservation organization, founded in 1998, to spread Pantheism and encourage environmental action.

Members of the unincorporated internet-based association "celebrate the wonder, beauty, and divinity of Nature..."   Premising the sacrality of Nature, PAN sees Pantheism as a wellspring of ecological consciousness, and holds that when people view Nature as sacred, they may more readily treasure the natural world which sustains all life.

Based in Southern California, PAN conducts local hikes and engages in conservation projects, such as the restoration of endangered native plant habitat in coastal San Diego County.  With members spread thinly across the United States and overseas, and free of group infrastructure, PAN seeks mainly to inspire individual belief and action.

Special acknowledgment and thanks to webmaster TKS, who crafted this site for PAN.

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